Contacting Support for an Agent

Whilst the Data Governor Agent has been developed with stability first in mind, there may be instances where you will need to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with an agent installation.

Before submitting a Support Request

Perspective ILM do provide a managed support team for working through issues with Data Governor Online Agent installations, however in many cases these problems can be solved before even submitting a request for help.

Pre-Support Step 1 - Reinstall the Agent

In many cases, the problems you are experiencing may have already been fixed in a new version of the Data Governor Agent. This is why we highly recommend you re-install the Data Governor Agent using a newly downloaded installer from the Data Governor Online application.

For more information on installing the agent, review the Installing an Agent documentation.

If re-installing the Agent didn’t fix anything move onto step 2.

Pre-Support Step 2 - Zip up the Logs

The Data Governor Agent not only provides logging for task executions but it also keeps a local collection of log files for diagnostic purposes.

If you wish to make a support request for your agent, it is very helpful if you compress the contents of your Data Governor Agent logs folder into a .zip file and provide a download link for it in your issue submission.

The Data Governor feedback/support system does not provide a way to upload files as part of the submission. We recommend using a service such as OneDrive.

The agent logs are located in the logs directory of your agent installation, this path can be found by going to the agent setup wizard in Data Governor online and scrolling to the bottom:

setup location

Once you locate the logs folder, send it to a .zip file which can then be uploaded to a cloud host and shared with an access link.

zip logs

Submitting a Support Request

Submitting an “Issue” through Data Governor’s feedback system will send the request to support, from here you’ll be contacted. Make sure to include as much detail as you can about the issue so that we can help in as many ways as we can.