The Python task allows for the running of Python scripts using an environment available on a host that has the Data Governor Agent installed. The Python script can be entered in the Data Governor application, with the execution handled by the native python installation on the host PC.

Working with Python Environments

Python tasks require at least one Python Environment to be configured for the agent you want to run the Python script on. Python Environments point to where the installation of Python you wish to use is located on the Agent’s host, in most cases this is the default installation of Python depending on your operating system.

To add a Python environment, open the Agent list and select the settings action. On the left you will see a Python Environments tab, in this tab you can easily add and remove Python Environments for that agent.


The executable for the Python environment must be named python or python3 to be compatible with Data Governor Online.

If using an Agent Docker image, Python 3 is installed in /usr/bin

The location of a Python environment is the path to the folder that contains the python executable. This can be usually found with Powershell using [System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName((Get-Command python).Source) and with bash using whereis python.