Tenant Licensing

Production Licensing

Production tenants are the standard tenant level that can be purchased in Data Governor Online.

The pricing for Production is $10’000 per year, per tenant.

You can run as many agents as you wish on a single tenant so there is no need to purchase additional licenses in the instance you need to run Data Governor tasks across multiple hosts/servers.

Non-Production Licensing

Data Governor Online does allow for Non-Production/Development tenants which are cheaper than Production grade tenants. Whilst Non-Production tenants have no limitations within Data Governor itself, non-production tenants should be used as additions to their related Production tenants.

Unlike Production tenants which have their own license associated with them, Non-Production tenants inherit their license off an existing Production tenant-with the requirement for a Non-Production addon to be purchased on the original subscription.

Cancelling a Data Governor Subscription

Cancelling a Perspective Licenses subscription will still give you access to the related tenant for the rest of the paid subscription period. Once the period has elapsed, you will not be able to use the tenant until you have purchased a new subscription for the tenant.

Whilst your tenant is not deleted as soon as the license expires, Perspective cannot guarantee that it will host the tenant for an extended period of time after the license has expired.