Usage Details

What is Usage Dashboard?

Enterprise BI Portal has a Usage Dashboard feature which provides information on users and assets. It allows you to view the number of interactions and number of unique users each month for the last 24 months. The information is presented in a user friendly line chart (number of unique users) and column chart (number of interactions) making it easier for you to see the trend of your business.

There are tabs of information:

  1. Usage Summary
  2. Usage Detail
  3. User Audit

How do I view Usage Summary?

Click the Settings cog icon at the top right hand corner.

Select Usage Dashboard.

The default view will be on the Usage Summary tab.

Expand and drill through different terms to hone in on information from different areas of the buisness.

Usage Summary

How do I view asset information?

Click on the Usage Detail tab.

Here you can view all interactions related to the assets. You can use the filter to refine your results.

Use Show entries to select the number of entries to display.

Use Search by Asset Name to search for all interactions for a particular asset.

Usage Detail

Details displayed:

  • Asset ID
  • Asset Name
  • Interactions
  • Unique Users

How do I view user interactions?

Click on the User Audit tab.

Here you can search by user and display all interactions for that user.

Click Edit to search for a user.

Start typing a name, and the user will appear in a drop down menu of suggestions.

Select the relevant user/group.

Click Close.

Use Show entries to select the number of entries to display.

Use Search by Asset Name to search for interactions for a particular asset filtered by the user above.

User Audit

Details displayed:

  • Action Type
  • Logged Time
  • Asset Name

Click the Edit button again to search for another user.

Can I view usage from the asset card itself?

Yes! Another way of viewing asset usage is by clicking on the Usage button from the asset card. All user and usage details will be displayed for that particular asset.

Asset Usage

You can search for activities from a specific user. Click Edit under ‘Search by User Name’.

Start by typing the user/group.

Select the user. All usage associated with that user will display.

Asset usage data can also be exported to a CSV file.

Click on the Download button to save a copy of the file.

Usage screen