Entity Types

What is an Entity type?

Entity types categorise and identify Entities on the Entity Board and in the Network Map. They filter Entities in the Data Catalogue by their type on Entity Boards.

When the term Entity Type is used in the Data Catalogue, it includes all categories so that relationships of reports and data sources can be viewed in the Data Catalogue.

An Administrator can manage Entity types in the Entity Type menu that is found under the Settings Cog at the top right of the page.

Entity Type Page

All Entity types will appear in the Data Catalogue, and only an Administrator can edit Data Catalogue Entity types.

The Data Catalogue category is used specifically when users need an Entity Type for the Data Catalogue.

The Asset type categories Report and Data Source are also used in the Data Catalogue, but new Asset Types cannot be created in the Data Catalogue. The Data Catalogue Entity Type is limited to only the Data Catalogue category.

If a user wants to edit or create a new Entity type with the Report or Data Source category, users have to switch to the BI Catalogue to make those changes.

Creating an Entity Type

Click on the Settings Cog icon at the top right of your page.

Select Entity Types.

Click on New Entity Type.

Adding a new entity type

Enter the Type (required).

Enter a Sub Type.

Enter the class name of an Icon from Font Awesome (required).

Select a HTML color code in the Icon Color (required).

Click Save and the Entity Type can now be selected from the drop-down entity list.