The installation process for a Comtrol Node and a Standard Node are near-identical with the one exception of providing the Node Configuration.

The installation instructions for all of Enterprise BI Portal’s deployment scenarios can be viewed in the Installation section.

Providing a Node Configuration

During the installation process, you will eventually be prompted for the portal’s NodeConfiguration value. Set the value to “Control” to install the BI Portal as a control node.

You cannot change the NodeConfiguration of an existing BI Portal from Standard to Control or vice versa. Doing so will result in data loss or malformed configuration. The NodeConfiguration must be set on the initial setup of the instance.

Preparing the Standard Node

Before setting up a Control Node, you will need to create an API Key to access the Standard Node.

  1. Open the BI Portal that you would like to add to the Control BI Portal.

  2. Find the API Keys settings menu from the Settings Cog.

  3. Create an API Key with a scope of BI Portal Bridge, further detail on how to create an API Key is found here. Copy this key immediately as it will be hidden and cannot be accessed to be copied again once you click on another option or navigate from this page.

API Key Creation

Setting up your Control Node

Once you have provided a license key for the control node, you will be prompted with the following screen on startup:

first time control import

The Enterprise BI Portal will guide you through linking your first standard node to the control node. This link is known as a “Source System” and requires the following details:

  • Name
    • A human readable name for the Source System, this will be the label of the Enterprise BI Portal in the Control Node.
  • BI Portal URL
    • The URL of the BI Portal you wish to sync with.
    • This should be the same URL of the BI Portal you generated the access token on.
  • API Access Token
    • The previously generated access token.
  • Icon

New Portal on First Time

Once the source system has been created, Enterprise BI Portal will begin syncing the content for the first time. Once the import has finished the page will refresh and you will be greeted with a view of your imported BI Portal’s tile layouts.

Adding Additional Source Systems to the Control Node.

Adding additional Source Systems requires the same information. View the Source System documentation to learn more.

You may need to refresh your browser after you have clicked on On Demand Sync to view any imported changes.