Add a Noun

What we label a ‘noun’ in Ezra configuration can be more flexible than a noun in regular English language. To Ezra, a noun is simply the subject of the user’s question or statement - as opposed to the verb or query.

Tip: If you are in doubt as to what Word Type to select, label your entry as a noun.

For example:


Usually we know ‘medical’ and ‘legal’ as adjectives, but in this instance the person building Ezra wants these words to be identified as main subjects/tags of the asker’s query. You can label any word as a noun in Ezra if required, regardless of word type within English language conventions.

How do I add a Noun to the Dictionary?

  1. Click on Dictionary from the navigation menu.

  2. Click on Create New Entry.

step 1

  1. Enter a Word/Phrase.

  2. Select a ‘Noun’ as Phrase Type.

  3. Click Save.