Add a Query

A query is how the asker asks the question. An example of what you would add to the Dictionary as a query is: “how is” or “who is”, “what” or “when”.

Like in Verb types, Query types are selected to categorise the type of question asked and the Answer Grammar Ezra will use to respond. Query type will denote if the question will provide more info, provide a call to action, or be a simple yes/no.

How do I add a Query to the Dictionary?

  1. Click on Dictionary from the navigation menu.

  2. Click on Create New Entry.

    step 1

  3. Enter a Word/Phrase.

  4. Select a ‘Query’ as Phrase Type.

  5. Select a Query Type:

    • YesNo

    • Only

    • Info

    • Action

    • None

  6. Click Save.