User Responsibilities

This table shows the requirements and responsibilities of both Ezra’s user and BizData in terms of configuration and taking care of Ezra going forward. Please contact us if you require further assistance in performing any Ezra configuration tasks:

Functions Responsibilities
Ezra Operation/Maintenance User is responsible for assigning roles within Ezra as well as nominating at least one Admin and Data Owner/Steward to configure and take care of Ezra ongoing.
Dictionary The dictionary will already have terms included based on your initial requirements. Moving forward, it is the user’s responsibility to add to, edit and maintain the Dictionary.
Knowledge Base As above, your Knowledge Base should already have items based on initial requirements, with ongoing updates to be managed by the user, including adding, maintaining and assign responses and tags. Remember to pay attention to the scoring system if you are having any wrong answer issues. If these persist, you can contact our support team.
Action Flows Creation and maintenance of Action Flows is the user’s responsibility, including designing and integrating Form, Action and End nodes with databases or APIs. Refer to the Using Tokens and Action Flows sections to assist in this process.
Answer Grammar Matrix While an optional piece to Ezra’s functionality, it is the user’s responsibility to both; assign the appropriate verb/query types in the dictionary, and, enter the desired answer phrasing based on the matching types and matrix layout.
Role Configuration Aside from the initial setup, adding and maintaining roles/permissions is the responsibility of an internal Admin user.
Failover Configuration Usage and implementation of failovers is a design decision by the user. Note that if the user wants to implement one or more of these services, they will need a respective license/key. See Failover Configuration.
Monitoring Aside from initial rollout of related reporting, it will be the responsibility of the user to maintain and update reporting/monitoring.
Troubleshooting Please let BizData know if you come across any issues/tips to add to the documentation.

BizData Support

BizData is responsible for providing ongoing Ezra support, as well as communication of any infrastructure or version changes and what the user may need to do to facilitate. Please utilise the support links in the About Page to contact BizData with any issues or suggestions.