Role Configuration

What are application roles in Ezra?

Application roles allow groups of users the permissions to perform specific tasks.

Ezra comes with two default application roles. These are:

  1. Administrator

  2. Content Writer

The table below shows these roles and their permissions.

step 1

How do I assign groups or users to an application role?

  1. Click Role Configuration from the navigation menu.

    step 2

  2. To add a user or group to a role click the relevant Edit button.

  3. Start by typing the name into the field. A list of users and groups will appear as you type. Select the user or group you want to grant permissions to.

    step 3

  4. Continue to add more users or groups if required.

  5. Click Close to finish.

How do I remove groups and users from an application role?

You can remove a user or group from a role by clicking on the ‘X’ against their name in the ‘Users and Groups’ screen.

(This is the same screen as adding new users and groups - as shown above).