This section specifically relates to the process of upgrading from version 1.x of Identity Server to version 2.1. If you are upgrading from 2.x to a later version, please follow the standard upgrade guide.

Identity Server 2.1 is a complete rebuild of the product and as such you cannot directly upgrade the product. You must remove version 1.x and then install version 2.1.

While it is not necessary, we recommend you do this outside of business hours and preferably on the weekend, to ensure that user tokens from the 1.x version expire. If you upgrade to version 2.1 and user tokens from the 1.x version have not expired, users may initially be directed to an error page on the client application before having to sign in again.

You may reuse the following items from your existing installation;

  • DNS entry
  • SSL certificate
  • Database name
  • Service account

After upgrade, you will need to do the following in relation to your client applications (please refer to the installation documentation for your client application for steps on creating the client record and running the setup application);

  • Recreate the client record in Identity Server.
  • Run the setup application for your client application and enter the new client ID and secret.